Creative, Fun, and Natural is how I like to think of my photography.

Creative- because I like to think of my photography as a work of art, pre-visualizing a photo before it is taken and take time to craft my art and come up with something different or unexpected.

Fun  – because I want it to be fun, when I am having fun taking the photos, it’s contagious and generally, the people having their photos taken are having fun too.

This leads me to Natural because when we are all having fun the smiles and laughter become so natural and it makes it easy for me to capture those moments when they are genuine and real. The ones that are so precious and are gone all too soon.

My passion to capture life through the lens of a camera is something that can not be put into words.  The true value of a photo is not often realized until years later. When that newborn is all grown up and that pregnant belly is a distant memory, and
when you are able to look back at those moments, see and hold those memories in your hand with a photo, it is simply priceless.   Whether it be Newborns, Maternity, Kids, Families, Friends, and Couples, they all radiate the common thread of LOVE.  This is what I love capturing.

My family continually inspires me to be the best that I can be and this desire is naturally integrated as part for my attitude towards my photography. Having three young children and a spunky husband and a career that I love. I feel blessed. 

I am so glad you found me, you are one step closer to cementing your memories in a photo forever.
Now come say hi and let’s start planning your session.

See you soon

Kathy x