Cake Smash Photography has really taken off lately with parents wanting something different in their photo album.

Equipment and Props

Usually the saying goes “Never to work with children or animals”.

Photographing baby’s can be especially challenging. This is where a cake smash photo ¬†session comes in handy. They have fun.

Baby’s have a very short attention span so having bright engaging props or toys helps get the baby to look at you.

Cake smash baby blue


Choosing a neutral background can make your photos really stand out and pop. A white backdrip is perfect but you can use a wall if you want. Make sure to also use a plastic ground sheet and the floor as it can get messy.


Having correct lighting is very important for your cake smash session. Make sure to shoot in a well lit area with plenty of natural window light.

Cake smash baby photography pikaboo

If you don’t have natural light you will have to get some studio lighting. Make sure to defuse your flash if using one as babies don’t like flash much.

We use Jinbei EF 200 continuous LED with a softball for portrait lighting and it works fantastic. Expensive but well worth it.

Have a Bath

Once it’s all done and over time to have a baby bath any maybe take some more photos.

Baby photo bath pikaboo

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