If you want to stand out from the norm and get some great Engagement photo pictures, we have included some fantastic ideas.

Engagement Photograpghy Location, Location, Location

Try some locations such as

  • Beaches
  • National Parks
  • Old Buildings
  • Pine Forest Plantations
  • Lakes
  • Boats
  • Industrial Factory’s

Props and Equipment

Engagement photography kiss pose forest

Often the smallest of ideas can make a great engagement photo. From a simple kiss to a sign that says “I love you” We often take along a bottle of Non Alcoholic Wine and some strawberry’s and just take candid photos. Models will eat and drink and we get some great shots.

Bring some umbrella’s just in case it rains and it can also serve as a sun shade for the photographer or models.

Editing Photos

Now matter how good your Photographer is you should always post edit your photos.

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are two programs that can help you quickly edit your photos. There are many tutorials on YouTube to help you make your photos really pop.

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